Your new departure gate and time…

is now September 2nd.

This one’s for real – we’re talking now about who will be around to help and how to continue treatment.  The “other shoe” part of this – insurance coverage for in-home therapy only applies to those who are “housebound”.  This means no leaving the house for non-medical reasons – no shopping trips, no quick visits, no trips to the mailbox, etc.

That’s ok – this is a short term thing (2-4 weeks, perhaps).  Then I can get the OK to start coming back to the hospital for continued out-patient therapy: and start venturing back out into the world.  Until then… I think there are some DVDs I could watch… some papers to catch up on…

and anyone in the area is welcome to visit – I can’t go out for coffee/beer, but I hear my fridge may be well-stocked…


2 Responses to “Your new departure gate and time…”

  1. Aunt Cheryl Says:

    One more week – it will go by fast. More time to strengthen those arms and get ready to go home.

  2. planetmort Says:

    Well, you should already have some mail waiting for you at home!

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