Your flight has been delayed

…due to storms in Chicago.  New estimated time of departure is August 26th.  (Passengers are asked to remain in the boarding area, as we will board the flight as soon as the aircraft is ready…)

Insurance pending, we’re putting off the “end of rehab” date for a week – hopefully this will let us iron out some of the remaining wrinkles (and make it less stressful to go home).   Not a huge deal, though: the more practice and strength I can have out of the hospital, the less traumatic the transition home will be…


3 Responses to “Your flight has been delayed”

  1. Aunt Janet Says:

    As long as you don’t have to wait on the runway!!

  2. Way to be flexible, Jen! I know you must be itching to get home, but sometimes that delay is just what we need… doesn’t make it any easier to accept, but you are staying positive. So proud of you! Keep it up!

  3. Hi, J. I had no idea your injuries were this serious. Much love and support to you — and hope, that tomorrow is the day, if you haven’t left already. Please email or call me anytime I can be helpful — I haven’t spent much time in a wheelchair, but I’ve got some friends that run a network of people who do, and they’re pretty incredible.

    Strength to you —

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