Before I forget…

Over the past month (and a bit), it seems that every day brings a new message – an email, letter, card, care package, Facebook or blog comment – from, well… someone – friends, even the ones I see maybe twice a year; people I haven’t seen in years and weren’t expecting to hear from, or even people I’ve never met (friends of friends/family).

I haven’t had a chance to reply to many of these – to say thank you, to explain what happened or where I am going from here…. but this does not mean I do not appreciate the messages of support.  I am honestly overwhelmed at the moment, and just not getting to that reply very quickly…

Overwhelmed by the amount of mail… the emails… the therapy… the healing…  …and the curiosity about how exactly I managed to cross paths with so many wonderful people along the way.

So when things get tough (and they will – sooner rather than later), I can look back on all the messages and remember (….before I forget) all the good things people have had to say… and someday I’ll be able to say “thank you” a little better.


3 Responses to “Before I forget…”

  1. Aunt Cheryl Says:

    Jen, I know we havn’t been in to see you in a while – been away and then trying to catch up after arriving back home – but I wanted to ket you know that I think of you every day and know that you are making progress. It is amazing what a strong and wonderful person you are and that we love you very much.

  2. Aunt Janet Says:

    Jen: We love you (as I tell my grankids) to Timbucktu and back. We will always be here for you. You are a very brave strong woman. Yes, there will be down times, but know we are here to pull you up and keep you in the right direction. Stay stong you have so much to give. :):):)

  3. Hi Jen,

    No worries about responses. Just give time to time. You have been, and are still going through a lot. I would be worried if you were not feeling overwhelmed and your messages show that you are very strong. Once we see each other again, I’d love to talk to you about a little someone who has been, and is, an inspiration to me and a lot of people. You are about as tall as her and have the same fire to fight. I just wanted to let you know today that I think a lot about you. Keep getting better and I hope to see you soon. Nath

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