So we finally have a date…. August 19.

A bit tight for the beginning of the semester, but good enough.  I’m sure I can take the first few weeks easy and even miss a few office hours/meetings if things get too crazy.  (Too crazy…. they’ll be crazy anyway, but there is a limit!)

Hit a small plateau over the last week or so (hence the lack of updates), partly due to meds – at some point, the body starts to reject the chemical changes we’re trying to impose on it – and partly due to something unknown.  The unknown bit is fatigue: I need a few too many naps nowadays (this presents an issue when I start dozing off in therapy….).  Starting to feel like that might be something we’re getting a hold off, too – but we’ll see.

Have a trip next week (first time out of the hospital!) to visit a therapeutic riding stable.  No riding, of course, but lots of horsey stuff.  It’s a start – and it’s definitely more exciting than going to the mall or the grocery store!

We’ve also put together a list of “goals to accomplish now” – tasks I need to be able to complete before I can go home.  Things that I still need a bit of help with now (getting in/out of the wheelchair, for example), and won’t be able to get help with later…  having the list is a bit intimidating, but it really nicely spells out where we need to be when that magic date starts to approach.

It’s still weird, looking around my room, to notice all these signs that refer to me in the third person (restrictions on movement, diet, etc.) – I know I saw these type of things as a kid (visiting Mom – a nurse – at work), but it’s a bit surreal to think they are referring to me now…

Am starting to think about those places I might want to go outside my house… and the random thoughts are sometimes a bit strange (I can’t recall having ever seen an accessible craps table  – wondering if such a thing exists), but mostly productive (will I have the energy to navigate the hills on campus for those essential paperwork trips, how to ask a hotel if by “handicap accessible” they mean “regular room with no stairs to get to it” or if they’ve made the necessary design changes, etc.).  Might be having some anxiety-related insomnia, or I might just be getting back to normal – this is something I’m keeping an eye on.

Hopefully we’ve killed the fatigue problems and I can update more often – cross fingers!


One Response to “ETD…”

  1. Hang in there Jen – try not to think of it all at once as I’m sure that is way more than a little overwhelming. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help (LPSC, etc.)!! Great to hear you’re hanging in there and making progress – you rock!!!

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