Rehab Update 1

Yes, creative title – will have to do better with that in the future.

Things are progressing well in rehab  – healing-wise, the staples are out and the nurses say the incision (all 28.5 cm of it) is healing neatly.  There may not even be much of a scar to tell stories about…

Rehab is tiring, though – 2.5 hours of therapy (weekdays) re-learning skills I know I took for granted… like how to sit without support (new muscles, new balance) and rolling over.  Lots of physics, actually – thinking about how body position affects weight-bearing, and how to change upper body position to help readjust weight in the lower.  I do find that I’m tired most of the day (and starting to feel some muscle strain), but the positive progress makes it worthwhile.   Keeping on track to be out of here in a few more weeks, though – the most important part.

Moderately worried that I have no appetite (and am not craving anything – scary!!) – but have to figure that comes back with time (and once I’m no longer on a pre-determined meal schedule).   Not worried, though, about the getting back to the real world part yet – scary, yes, but know there will be lots of help waiting.  My classes are already moved to appropriate classrooms (no lab tables at eye level), so back to work should go as smoothly as … well… the beginning of the fall semester should (4 wheel drive recommended, that is).  I just need to find a way to make that spiral staircase in my condo usable – I hate to lose it!

Trying to be positive, still – finding those frustrated/fearful thoughts in the dark now, realizing that the future will be difficult.  This is to be expected, of course (and healthy to release these feelings on occasion)… but trying to keep them to a minimum.  I always appreciated a challenge – as long as I can see the obstacles as challenges to overcome, I know I can find a way around/over/through them.

Still great to hear from everyone – I’m moderately more connected now, so watching Facebook updates (and feeling a little cooped up in here!) and keeping track of emails.  I know I owe some email replies… will get to those as I can!  Lots of visitors, too – again, the positive talk and the chance to chat are always welcome.  Will keep the updates coming as the news comes along!


3 Responses to “Rehab Update 1”

  1. Aunt Cheryl Says:

    Glad to hear that progress is being made. I know you are working hard because anything else wouldn’t be you. Hope to be in to see you this week. Keep up the progress and you’ll be out of rehab and on your way home before you know it.

  2. Karen Cahill Says:

    Go, Jen, go! Glad to hear you are working hard and making progress and I hope all the rest (appetite, lovely spiral staircase, etc.) works itself out soon. Hugs!

  3. Jeff M. Says:

    Just saw this update. Glad the rehab is on-track for getting you home. I had a thought – a spiral staircase is probably actually better than a regular one would have been if you can get some creative architect/engineer to figure out how to make it rotate in place like a corkscrew – you might be able to just ride it straight up as it turned in place (I had a marble roller coaster when I was a kid that cycled the marbles back to the top of the coaster this way). Feel free to file the patent if it works.

    Keep up the hard work!


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