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Field holiday?

Posted in Uncategorized on November 30, 2008 by squawky

Part of the difficulties of combining research with a teaching heavy position (I have 2 classes this term, one with a lab – and this is my light semester) is that it is difficult to find time to do field work.  I’d love to be in the field for 2-3 weeks consecutive, but with a southern hemisphere field area, this conflicts with classes.

So I’m cutting my field time back to a week – and the week that worked out best with the rest of the team was Thanksgiving break – only missing one class (the other class and labs were cancelled during the holiday week).    But I’m ambivalent about this “give up your holiday to do field work” thing….

The field work is done, but I’m exhausted, and have a 24 hour plane trip home (including layovers and customs and such) – and then right to university to catch up with classes.  And the piles of grading, and the piles of paperwork.

And the piles of rocks – I officially am bringing home more rocks than other stuff, I think.  But there’s enough samples for at least one student to do a project this spring/summer, and one more funded field season left (so I can hit the other sites I’ve missed next year).

Now I need a vacation….