To go hi-tech, or not to go hi-tech…

Like many of us out there, there are a lot of demands for my time… and I keep putting off some of the high-tech “upgrades” I want to make at work.

The question is, are they really worth it anyway?

I should have a nice webpage – I should have my cv. online (plus links to publications), and current course syllabi and links to notes and useful webpages.  But is it worth it?  The university pays a significant amount of money to run a Blackboard system – which does more than my webpage would ever do (discussion forums, say) and is secure enough to post grades on.   I could get away with just a formulaic page with contact info and a cv… right?

Should also help update the department webpage with an nifty RSS feed to help promote our public events.

But they seem like more trouble they then are worth – updating my webpage requires logging into the university VPN to access FrontPage (I’m a Mac user – and a PPC user at that, so no Parallels-ing into Windows land for me).  Would love to add an RSS feed, but am I capable of keeping up with updates?  Isn’t it just easier to do things the old-fashioned (non-internet) way?

Yeah.   Might happen someday.  Probably not.  You can see how well I’ve done with blog posts….


2 Responses to “To go hi-tech, or not to go hi-tech…”

  1. I hear that–BIG TIME. High tech upgrades are great but some of them take so so so much time to get up and running. Who has the time? If I had the time to figure out upgrades, I’d probably be using that time to go to the gym anyway…

  2. Two months later, and I still have no webpage, no RSS feed, etc. Must fix the webpage thing sooner or later, to be honest, but it’s not a pressing need.

    Except I never have time to hit the gym… maybe I should make THAT a priority instead of the webpage 🙂

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