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To go hi-tech, or not to go hi-tech…

Posted in Uncategorized on October 10, 2008 by squawky

Like many of us out there, there are a lot of demands for my time… and I keep putting off some of the high-tech “upgrades” I want to make at work.

The question is, are they really worth it anyway?

I should have a nice webpage – I should have my cv. online (plus links to publications), and current course syllabi and links to notes and useful webpages.  But is it worth it?  The university pays a significant amount of money to run a Blackboard system – which does more than my webpage would ever do (discussion forums, say) and is secure enough to post grades on.   I could get away with just a formulaic page with contact info and a cv… right?

Should also help update the department webpage with an nifty RSS feed to help promote our public events.

But they seem like more trouble they then are worth – updating my webpage requires logging into the university VPN to access FrontPage (I’m a Mac user – and a PPC user at that, so no Parallels-ing into Windows land for me).  Would love to add an RSS feed, but am I capable of keeping up with updates?  Isn’t it just easier to do things the old-fashioned (non-internet) way?

Yeah.   Might happen someday.  Probably not.  You can see how well I’ve done with blog posts….


Test… Test… Is this thing on?

Posted in Uncategorized on October 3, 2008 by squawky

(At this point, some roadie is supposed to come out and try to play Stairway to Heaven after tuning the guitars, right?)

I’m trying a first post here, just to see how this works – I’ll put something substantive up later.  Promise.